The GO+ modules create an original learning perspective for all those organizing guidance, training and education paths. Include in training and education paths the study visits inside the companies allows a new frame of relationships between schools, VET providers and companies, and the creation of links between non formal and formal learning frameworks. Thus, the GO+ initiative answer different needs:


  • exploit a guidance and training role setting suitable for the companies, in order to involve companies of the territory in the education/training paths;
  • create a learning environment which combines formal and non formal learning;
  • ease the relationship between education and training providers and the labour market;
  • develop the consciusness of students and workers about the economic fabric of their territory and of those of the other EU countries;
  • increase the learning mobility possibilities of students and workers.


The GO+ idea focuses on a set of formal training and/or guidance units carried out in a non-formal context, combining one or more of the following modules:


1) Economic discovery module

General presentation of the hosting company profile including history, products/services, market, structure, safety, quality issues, how the HR are managed
Entrepreneurs and production managers will be the speakers

2) Thematic module

In-depth illustration of a product, service, technology in which the company excels
Company experts will illustrate the theme and accompany the visiting group to see the specific areas of the production sites related with the subject of the seminar

3) Reflective module (the only module that could be carried out outside the company)

Theoretical discussion relating to the concepts learned during the visit
Discussion is coordinated by a matter expert/tutor accompanying the group

All the companies of the GO+ network supply the economic discovery visit.