Le projet Go&Learn a débuté par un projet financé par la Commission Européenne :


> GO&LEARN - project.goandlearn.eu

Programme de formation tout au long de la vie 2011-  réseau multilatéral 


> [GO&LearNET] Go&Learn pour professeurs et formateurs - www.goandlearnet.eu

Programme de formation tout au long de la vie 2013  
2013-1-IT1- LEO05- 03971


> [Go&Learn+Go&Learn - renforcement réseau - project.goandlear.eu

Programme Erasmus+ - Action KA2 partenariat stratégique - VET 2015 (EAC/A04/2014)



The evolution from Go&Learn to Go+Learn

The Go&Learn initiative has been active, promoted and sustained by the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia since 2011. The idea to foster a more structured learning environment based on the involvement of companies was indeed anticipatory of the EU policies of the following years (mobility, work based learning, apprenticeship, etc..). After the conclusion of the last project linked to the intiative, the committment of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region has been renewed. The network will be renamed in Go+Learn and will be linked to the Learning Mobility Action funded for the next three years by the Region FVG ESF. Indeed, the appointment of ENAIP FVG as intermediate organism of the FVG ESF to manage the program includes the management of the Go+Learn network and services, thus offering a further period of sustainability for the intrested existing nodes or new ones adhering to the updated initiative.


The www.goandlearn.eu website since August 2018 will refer only to the updated catalogues of GO+nodes or existing G&Lnodes which renewed their committment to the initiative becoming GO+nodes.


All the data collected and published since the startup of the Go&Learn initiative until the end of July 2018 are still available for consultation in the website: www.goandlearn.eu/goandlearn.