Odisee (previous HUB-KAHO) is a university college in Flanders and Brussels with about 16.500 students and more than 600 staff. We offer bachelor and master study programmes in Aalst, Brussels, Ghent and Sint-Niklaas. The postgraduate course centre offers several short and longer postgraduate courses.


In the Erasmus Mundus programme we organise a master programme in English,  Master in Food Science, Technology en Nutrition.

Our study programmes concentrate on 5 fields of study:
• biotechnology
• health care
• business studies
• science and technology
• teacher training


The seat and central services of Odisee (HUB-KAHO) are located in Brussels, Odisee (HUB-KAHO) is a member of the KU Leuven Association.


Sector: university
Country: Belgium
Address: Warmoesberg 26
Zip: 1000
City: Brussels
Province: Brussels
Phone: +32 2 210 12 11
Fax: -