The Maritime Technology Cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia region (mareFVG) is the point of reference for maritime technologies in its territory, with the aim to help it to excel, facilitate the dialogue - also at international level - with companies, research centers, education and training system, citizens and public administration.


Aims to develop and support scientific and applied research, promote innovation and training for maritime technologies sectors: ship building and boat building, off-shore, transport, logistic, navigation system and pleasure boating.

mareFVG is acting in order to stimulate technology development and training, the shared use of facilities, the dissemination of results, stimulate innovative activity, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, technology transfer, networking and shared information among companies and research organizations, and internationalization. Is also highlighting the vital role of seas and ocean and the importance to get young students and people in touch with maritime technologies, through didactic activities and conference programme.




Go+Node: GO+FVG
Sector: sea economy
Country: Italy
Address: Via Callisto Cosulich, 20
Zip: 34074
City: Monfalcone
Province: GO
Phone: +39 0481 723440
Fax: +39 0481 721137